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About Yogi Ajay Rana

Yogi Ajay Rana is an Advance Level ERYT500“Authorized Yoga Alliance” Yoga Trainer, having received the yoga diploma of Yoga Siromani from Madurai University, India. & post graduate degree of “International Yoga Acharya”from Sivananda International Vedanta Center, Canada. Yogi Ajay Rana spent his life in many ashrams of Himalyas & Gurukals for the advancement of the Yoga practice. He got inspirations in Bhakti Yoga from the satsang(spiritual lecture) of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj & Satpal Ji Maharaj. He has also done the yoga Vedanta Course from Divine life Society, Riahikesh. He has also done Yoga Professional Course from Himalyan Siddha Academy from Latvia, Europe.  Yogi Ajay Rana started his yoga journey in 2001 and learned astang yoga & shatkriyas from the ashram of Swami Ram Lal Ji Maharaj Hoshiarpur through his disciple Pawan Thakur.  Yogi Ajay Rana started teaching yoga in Delhi, his home city, in 2002. He go got the chance to meet yoga guru BKS Iyengar and learned the Iyengar Yoga. Yogi Ajay Rana travels to Dubai, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Sweden & Russia and many other countries to teach yoga since 2004. Yogi Ajay Rana’s teaching is inspired by the integration of strength in the Classical Yoga with the inner experience of spiritual discipline.

He has received many national & International awards in Yoga & Social activities. Yogi Ajay Rana strongly believes that with disciplined yoga practice & belief in GOD one can open doors to self-realization. His quote “No Yoga, No Life”“Know Yoga, Know Life” is very popular in the world of Yoga. Yogi Ajay Rana was born and brought up in a traditional Hindu Rajput family in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh later moved to Delhi. Since childhood, he had a deep impression of his parents practicing Bhakti Yoga. He used to visit temples & ashrams in Himachal (The Land of Gods), Rishikesh & Haridwar with his family and these spiritual journeys, seeing yogi sages standing in yogic postures on holy riverbanks, inspired him from an early age and sow a seed to pursue a yogic life. As he grew older, he started practicing yoga to lead a healthy and balanced life. He had an unquenchable thirst to learn more about spirituality & yoga and travelled on his own to ashrams in the North and South of India. He spent a lot of time in many ashrams leading a simple life and got enriched in Bhakti, Gyan, Raja and Karma yoga. During his travels he also comes across different masters from whom he learnt classical & modern yoga for physical and spiritual well-being.

Since 2005 he engages in Svadhyaya and moved deeper into yoga practice. Yogi Ajay Rana believes that the classical yoga is the base of yoga but modern teachers have modified it as per their own convenience & converted it to many names to attract people. He wanted to teach the classical yoga in the same way thousands of years ago sages used to teach. He is the founder of Beyond Power Yoga and Having Ashram & Head Office in New Delhi, India. In the early of his professional carrier side by side he worked for many corporate companies in different posts. Last he worked for Brands Academy Pvt. Ltd. as a Director. Currently he is the president of Social Development Foundation NGO. This NGO is helping people in education, health, empowering, cleanliness and many other projects. He has organized the biggest marathon of India EDURUN for the cause of save girl child and Education for all.  He is the active member of Mission Education started by the Manav Utthan Seva Samiti. He leads the Yoga Camps of this Smiti to facilitate the millions of people by yoga.

What is Classical Hatha Yoga?

When we talk about Yoga anywhere in the world people have different definitions for Yoga as per their own understanding about the Yoga or as per the knowledge they have received from their teachers. Many of them seems very nice as per the meaning of the it but as per classical scripture  Yoga means union. Word Yog has come from the Sanskrit route world “Yuj” which stands for unite. So, in brief we can say that the primary meaning of the Yoga is UNION. Now the question rises that union with what? So many people explain that to unite yourself with the God is Yoga or in other worlds union between the lower and supreme power is Yoga. Some of them say that unite with the happiness is Yoga. When we get these definitions we accept it just by words but from inside we never adopt it because none of us has ever seen the God so how can we unite ourselves with the unseen power. 

Yogi Ajay Rana explain very nicely that in this world of internet we are united with each other by Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest or other social networking websites but the reality is that we are disconnected from our own self. In other worlds we can say that in this field of technology we have become more extrovert. Connecting with yourself is Yoga. When you become Introvert you do the progress on the path of Yoga. He says that forget God and unite with yourself. Scripture says that God has created us in his own form so when we know our own self we understand everyone & we realize the God as well. But maximum of us think that we are this body, we are this mind, we are these senses but reality is far more away from it. We are none of this we are the bliss absolute. To realize that self is the aim of Yoga.
Nowadays people have modified that Yoga and have given their own name to it. But base of all the Yoga forms available in the market is Classical Hatha Yoga. “Ha” stands form Sun Energy and “Tha” stands for Moon Energy. These both energies are in our body in the form of Prana & Apana. Yogis understand it and combine these energies by different Yoga techniques. When these energies unite together these produce the vital force which helps to uplift the Kundalini Sakti lying in the Muladhara Chakra in the base of your spine.

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