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Why Classroom Yoga?

Classroom Yoga is a yoga which can be done in a very small area in a sitting or standing position. Few thing are specially designed by experienced International Yoga Trainer Yogi Ajay Rana for 2-5 minutes. These five minutes are more than enough for the students to bring their attention in the class for next 45-50 minutes. He believes that if we can sow the seed of Yoga to the younger generation we can teach them the way to live healthy. But they never have much time to do Yoga moreover they don’t show much interest in the beginning. This new formula of classroom yoga is working very nice and improving the results of the schools which is giving a healthy and happy young generation to the country

Lets Learn Yoga As A Play...

Online Classes on Zoom

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5AM
  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 10:30 AM
  • Tuesday Thursday and Saturday 5PM

Classroom Yoga Features

Sow A Seed Of Yoga At The Right Age With Fun.

Recharge Their Energy From Within In Few Minutes.

Let Them Fly In The Open Sky. Their Wings Are Stronger Then They Know.

Every Student Deserves To Be The Topper in The Class Just Need To Unite With Yoga(The Real Union)

Boost your Results

Yogic Solutions

Every school/College wants to improve the its results to be in the top schools of the country. They can try to provide the world class facilities and teachers but they can not know weather student is mentally in the class or not. Many students just physically present in the class but mentally they are into their own thoughts. Classroom Yoga is specially designed in nice way that if it practiced regularly 2-5 minutes before each period students can focus more on the teachings which will help to improve the results. Arrange a workshop at your schools thus your all the teachers can learn the way what to do before the class to make everyone smile when they receive their report cards.

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