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Yogi Ajay Rana Classes

Why Old-Age Yoga?

Yogi Ajay Rana says that there is no age bar to start Yoga. Even the childhood is the best time to start Yoga but if you have grown up and reached at your old age you still no need to worry about it. Yogi Ajay Rana has designed the special Yoga classes for the Old Age people. Yoga does not meet just to do the Yoga Asanas only. Many old age people worry because of their age that how would they will perform the Yoga Asanas at this stage. Apart from the difficult Asanas there are very simple postures and Sadhans (Jeevan Tatva & Yovan Tatva), Mudras, Pranayama, Kriyas & Meditation which can be done even in the old age.

Repay your elders by gifting Yoga Classes

Online Classes on Zoom

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5AM
  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 10:30 AM
  • Tuesday Thursday and Saturday 5PM

Old-Age Yoga Features

Strengthened bones and alleviate aches and pains

Yoga Improves Respiration & Sleeping Habits

Enhanced balance, flexibility, mobility and strength

Reduces the risk of stress & depression

Our Duty For Elders

Its Time To Serve For Those Who Served For Us

Now its time to repay the loan to our parents by gifting them the gift of Old AgeYoga class by International Yoga Trainer Yogi Ajay Rana. Yogi Ajay Rana says that old age is even the best age to focus more if person wants. Because the person who has lived several years he or she knows that this world can’t give the permanent happiness and they more stable. For More details contact Us.

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