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If we want to learn Math we go to a Math teacher, If we want to learn Science we go to a Science teacher, If we want to learn English we go to a English teacher. In the same way when we want to learn Yoga we must go to a perfect Yoga teacher. In this world Yoga is modified by many people and giving the knowledge of modified yoga as per their own way this is the reason that all the Yoga Institutes, Studios, and teachers have different way of teaching Yoga. Here Yogi Ajay Rana has designed the Yoga Classes as per the classical way of teaching Yoga which is still alive by the Master disciple system from thousands of years. All the classes are based on the classical Hatha Yoga which is the base of all the modern yoga styles. You can choose the yoga class as per your requirement from the below list and experience oldest form of original classical yoga with International Yoga Master Yogi Ajay Rana.